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Incredible Hulk Enamel Pin
Incredible Hulk Enamel Pin

Incredible Hulk Enamel Pin

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While supervising the use of an experimental gamma bomb, Dr. Bruce Banner was hit with an explosion of gamma radiation while rescuing a teen who stumbled onto the testing site. Looking healthy and well, Dr. Banner was sent home where later that night the effects of the radiation would become apparent. Originally, the uncontrollable transformations where Banner would turn into The Incredible Hulk happened at sunset as grey giant, then revert back to Bruce at sunrise. It wasn't until later in the comics that his transformations became green through stress/adrenaline. The Incredible Hulk was created by Stan Lee in 1962 and was portrayed most recently by Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers movies.

2-inch soft enamel pin with two post backing